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Fewer domestic violence calls

YVETTE BEST, [email protected]

Fewer domestic violence calls

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There have been no deaths related to domestic violence for 2017, and the number of reported cases appear to be down.

That was the word from new chairman of the SAVE Foundation, Barbara Daniel-Goddard, who spoke to the DAILY NATION at the culmination of the Purple Walk against all forms of violence on the Richard Haynes Boardwalk, Hastings, Christ Church, yesterday evening.

“So far, from the SAVE Foundation perspective, we have had about 30 calls. In relation to seriousness, persons ending [up] in hospital, we do not know that: that would be a police issue. So for this year it has appeared to be less than last year,” Daniel-Goddard said.

While hoping the anti-violence messages were getting through, she said the apparent decline could also be as a result of people not reporting cases, or turning to other organisations for intervention.

“It is always good news to think that we are not in the same figures as we were before with four, five, six persons, etc. So let’s look at it as a positive thing,” she said.

The foundation was looking forward to relaunching and rebranding in January, and Daniel-Goddard said several programmes are in the pipeline.

“We will be rolling out programmes targeting both men and women, and they will be structured around things like relationships, understanding what ‘no’ means, and looking at why people get involved in bad relationships. We’ll be looking at how people can extract themselves from bad situations.

“We’ll be taking a lot of notice about the red flags, so that we can encourage women and men what to look for when they start a new relationship; or even if they’re in a current relationship, to recognise that they’re actually in an abusive relationship,” she added.

She said the SAVE Foundation’s target was the average man and woman, ranging from those on the block to any position in society. (YB)