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Party merger ‘no surprise’


Party merger ‘no surprise’

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These people are obviously skylarking and to take them seriously is to skylark as well.

That’s how political scientist, Dr George Belle, reacted to a statement from Citizens Action Partnership (CAP) which announced on Friday that the partnership would cease operations to facilitate a merger with the United Progressive Party (UPP) which is being lead by former Government Senator Lynette Eastmond.

Belle reminded Barbadians that he has already addressed the issue of third parties and had nothing further to say on.

Leading Caribbean pollster and political scientist, Peter Wickham also had his say on the merger of the two fledgling political parties.

“It is not surprising. I do not think that either of the organisations [is] going anywhere, frankly, but the merger is not surprising. CAP is experiencing problems getting off the ground. I have not heard political leader of CAP, Wendell Callender, announce any significant candidates other than himself. CAP and the UPP have the same philosophy which is they are anti-Mia Mottley’s party,” Wickham said.

The pollster said he does not expect the two parties to get anywhere with the merger in a basically two party system.

“My question is, you are merging but what exactly are you merging? I am still not clear what the two parties are bringing to the table other than they want to stop Mia Mottley from becoming the Prime Minister of Barbados. There is no record of success on either side.”

Political leader of Solutions Barbados, Grenville Phillips II said: “I can’t comment on that. It is none of our business.”

Eastmond, who will lead the united party, said: “I read the press release and I think it should stand on its own.”

Pointing out that it is a serious step that has been taken by CAP, Callender said: “The press release should be taken as it says. We will be under the UPP. CAP has ceased operations.”   

 Friday’s press release published by CAP urged all supporters, well wishers and others who wanted the best for Barbados to support the UPP under the new and exciting arrangement “UPP de ting.”

It further stated that CAP candidates would use all the signature items of the UPP including logos, colours, slogans and related materials. (NC)