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BFA working to make football great

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

BFA working to make football great

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President of the Barbados Football Association (BFA), Randy Harris, has reassured all football clubs that the sport will become a power in Barbados.

He gave this guarantee during the association’s awards at its Wildey headquarters on Friday night.

“I believe all of you might have noticed in the last couple of years, the BFA has been sailing smoothly along. I want to thank the clubs for that and I want to assure them that the board of the BFA is working assiduously to ensure that football becomes a power in Barbados, but the process is going to take time,” Harris said.

“We cannot undo what has been done for over 20 years in five years. Be patient, [and] work with us. I want to assure you that you have quality working with you to ensure that we are a positive organisation in Barbados,” he said as he told the members in attendance that without their support, the confusion would continue.

Similarly, marketing manager of Digicel Barbados, Sonia Hall-Hunte, said that in order to ensure there was always a fresh crop of talented footballers, the company continued to invest heavily in various BFA programmes.

“The programmes are ensuring that our youth are given the very best training from the best local and international coaches, thereby producing skilled ballers who are ready to fulfil their goals and score a place in the heart of every Barbadian,” she said, adding that both entities had enjoyed a ten-year productive relationship.

She called on corporate Barbados to get on board and support the island’s youth.

“Corporate support for sporting activities can never be too much and we encourage other entities to get in the game and give our youth the opportunity to realise their dreams through sports.

“. . . . Our long and productive relationship with the BFA is a prime example of how forging successful partnerships can support the social needs of our communities, while unearthing young individual talent,” she said. (RA)