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Police safety caution

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Police safety caution

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Cellphones are a popular item for thieves, and Barbadians are being asked to secure them and other valuables when moving around this Christmas season.

Both Assistant Commissioner of Police Colvin Bishop and Crime Prevention Officer Inspector Stephen Griffith are encouraging people to put a tracking device on their phones and keep their Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number in a safe location in case their phones are stolen.

“At this time of year, there is increased commercial and other activity as Barbadians prepare for the Christmas celebrations. This environment of heightened activity provides opportunity for criminals to flourish. Though our police will be strategically deployed across the country, members of the public, the business community and owners of residential property must play their role in reducing opportunities for victimisation. In this regard, we are urging persons to pay a special interest in safeguarding personal and other property,” Bishop said at a recent press conference.

Griffith also encouraged people to make sure their homes were safe and eliminate any weak areas thieves could exploit. He said the police had recorded
a slight increase in burglaries in homes over time, mainly due to lapses in security.

“People are still leaving facilitators on the outside of their homes – ladders, barrels, tools, garden tools. All these things are being left in garages on the outside. If you leave these things out there, you’re going to find that those persons intent on criminal behaviour will use them to gain entry into your home. So we’re asking persons to put these things away carefully and ensure the area you put them in is an area that can be locked,” he advised.

He also asked people to refrain from making themselves vulnerable by searching for keys when they got to their doors and leaving their homes in darkness.

Griffith reminded people to make a check of their windows and doors to make sure they were closed, locked and keys removed from doors before leaving home.

Other safety tips included using automatic teller machines in lighted areas and making a sweep for anyone loitering before using the machines; refraining from counting money at the machines; not walking with a lot of cash on one’s person, and not leaving under-aged children unsupervised at home. (YB)

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