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High Court may rule tomorrow

MIKE KING, [email protected]

High Court may rule tomorrow

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The High Court could make a decision tomorrow in the matter in which Isolation Cavaliers are challenging the ruling of the Barbados Cricket Association’s (BCA) appeals tribunal on a disputed Intermediate match played in May.

Isolation are challenging the on-field results of that first round match on May 6, 13 and 14 at Crab Hill, St. Lucy, contending that the outcome was affected because home team North Stars had failed to cover the pitch.

The lakes, St Andrew-based Isolation Cavaliers secured first innings points from the match, but are of the view that they would have secured a victory if the square on the second day had been covered.

If the court rules in their favour, Isolation will move from 57 points to 62 and earn a place in the semi-finals.

The semi-finals originally set to start on September 30, have been stalled twice as a result of the court action.

Isolation Cavaliers president Kevin Vaughan made it clear that his club had filed a protest with the BCA from as early on May 15, 24 hours after the North Stars clash.

“We didn’t wait till late in the season to protest. We filed our protest to the complaints committee of the BCA the following day. I think we are on solid ground,” he said.

Last month, the BCA announced that its complaints committee, while noting that North Stars had failed to cover the pitch, accepted that conditions were as a result of torrential rain the previous day while preparation was ongoing.

The court will now have to interpret the special conditions and regulations governing play after hearing arguments from attorneys for the respective parties.

Khamaal Collymore will make the argument for Isolation Cavaliers while Alrick Scott is expected to speak on behalf of the BCA. (MK)