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BLP ‘red and ready’


BLP ‘red and ready’

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s assertion that he was going down to the wire has no bearing on Barbados Labour Party (BLP) leader Mia Mottley.

She told hundreds of party supporters on Thursday night that regardless of when Stuart chose to ring the election bell, she and her party were “red and ready”.

“The fundamental point is this: the campaign has started even if the election has not been called. The election is the right of the Prime Minister to choose a date and it does not matter to me now whether he calls it early January, February, March, April or May because we know it has to be called,” Mottley said.

Speaking at the northern St Michael zone meeting at Lawrence T. Gay Memorial School in Spooners Hill, St Michael, Mottley said she would not become “giddy with the prospect of victory” since there was still much to be done before election night.

The ruling Democratic Labour Party’s focus on self was evident, she said, through the country’s declining reserves and mounting debt, the functioning of the bus service, the dilapidation of schools as well as the much talked about South Coast sewage problems.

 “We have come here tonight to let you know that the campaign has started. It may be a short campaign, it may be a long campaign, but it has started. And it has started because we are listening to the people. And as far as the people are concerned, 2018 is their date with destiny,” Mottley told the BLP faithful.

 “. . . The truth is that I want to tell Freundel I want him to talk a little more because every time he talks, he helps the Barbados Labour Party more than even we can help ourselves.

“The notion that Freundel is going to the end has sent people quaking because Bajans cannot believe that there is that much more sufferation still ahead of them,” she added. (SDB Media)