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BOA hosts career workshop


BOA hosts career workshop

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The Barbados Olympic Association (BOA), in collaboration with Olympic Solidarity, hosted its first-ever Athlete Career Programme (ACP), at the Olympic Centre last Saturday.

The programme, which is geared toward transitioning athletes to future careers, was launched in 2005. It supports and prepares elite and amateur athletes from over 100 countries with the appropriate training needed to transition to other careers.

ACP helps athletes retiring from sport and young athletes to understand their skill set and to make informed decisions while expanding their network.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the workshop, newly elected president Sandra Osborne said the BOA’s goal is to keep athletes at the centre of everything it does, noting the course was testimony to its commitment to the total development of the athlete.

She also encouraged participants to use every outlet available to take their careers to the next level.

“We have spent a lot of time and resources educating our sports administrators and coaches and are pleased to be able to launch this workshop targeted at our athletes,” Osborne said.

“It may be daunting to transition from your athletics career into the next stage of your life but you have to remember that you have excelled in the area of athletics in your various sports, so you are on top.

“You need to carry that confidence into the next stage of your life and use all the skills and lessons you have learnt as an athlete,” she added.

Five-time Olympian Cydonie Mothersille, who hails from the Cayman Islands, facilitated the workshop.

It covered areas such as behavioural discovery such as personal identity, how to develop and utilise one’s network, CV, resume development and interview skills.

The workshop also dealt with the use of social media to reach your career goals and learning how to transition from sport to the labour market among other topic. (PR)