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Antenna comes crashing down


Antenna comes crashing down

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A St Peter resident narrowly escaped injury when a 100-ft antenna fell on a shed outside his home yesterday morning during heavy and persistent rainfall.

According to Carl Gilkes, “It was around 7:30 when I heard a loud noise and when I looked out, I saw the large antenna that was placed near my home on the ground and part of it on my shed.

“My wife and I had planned to go outside and do some cleaning around that time, just where the shed is; and it was only because of the rainfall that we did not go.”

Neighbour Kathy Elcock said: “I was home and heard this rumbling on the outside and it scared me; and I was glad that it did not fall in the direction of my house, because it would have damaged my home.

“This is the second time this large antenna has fallen, and with all the high winds in this area, it is likely to happen again.” (RL)