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Roosters exposed in 2017


Roosters exposed in 2017

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According to the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs, 2017 was the Year Of The Fire Rooster. It started on January 28, 2017, and ends on February 15, 2018. 

In common vernacular, a rooster is nothing but a cock and is supposed to fertilise the hens and guard the henhouse. By the way, a rooster can control up to 12 hens. 

Based on all the sexual harassment allegations exposed in 2017, it seemed the perfect climax, as the chickens came home to roost with their various claims. Some guys were being accused of being too cocky and eventually had to fall on their unsheathed swords.

And many, from their previous upright and extended positions, went limp and were no longer standing.

Some women, and a few guys, repeatedly cried foul after being handled inappropriately, both publicly and privately.

Words like groping, fondling, forcing, cupping, squeezing, grabbing, feeling and tonguing were headline grabbers in the print and television media.

Even reporters from renowned and previously respected journals were salivating over this topic so much that they trumped the salacious stories from the regular scandal sheets.

Unfortunately, no industry was immune to the allegations of tawdry behaviour, whether it was government, movies, sports, media, politics, arts, food, service, music or entertainment. And, maybe, other pants will fall in the waning days of the Year Of The Rooster.

All and sundry are now calling for new legislation to combat sexual harassment. Fortunately, because of the 12-year Rooster cycle, the next one will be 2029. Until then, keep your clothes on and don’t ruffle any feathers.

– MICHAEL HEADLEY, Brooklyn, New York