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Owner of antenna a mystery

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Owner of antenna a mystery

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Mystery surrounds the ownership of a 100-foot antenna which came crashing down in a St Peter community last Sunday.

It was around 7:30 p.m. at Mount No. 2 that Carl Gilkes said he heard a loud noise and saw the large antenna on the ground. Part of it was also perched on the top of his outdoor shed.

Neighbour Kathy Elcock said she was scared by the noise it made.

The tower damaged the roof of the shed as well as several of Gilkes’ gardening tools, and he is now looking to seek legal counsel for the damage. But judging by the reception he received in the over past few days, he said it was unclear who should pay.

Gilkes said that since Sunday, a number of people had visited the area to remove items from the tower, but none of them said whether the organisation they represented owned it or not.

“They didn’t introduce themselves, didn’t answer and they didn’t even speak. Another set of persons also came but they spoke a different language,” he said.

“I have been warning people about that for years. The sea spray caused it to rust, but they just kept adding on. I would tell the people working on it that it could not handle any more weight, but they would tell me their bosses do not care about that and still do it.”

When the DAILY NATION revisited the area yesterday, the fallen antenna was still bent over and in Gilkes’ yard.

He said he believed one of the telecommunications companies was responsible for setting up the antenna more than ten years ago.

The homeowner said when he contacted the police, they suggested he reach out to the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which he believed owned the base of the antenna.

However, CBC general manager Doug Hoyte said yesterday it was not theirs. (TG)