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PREVIOUSLY IN POLITICS: Young Dems say Comissiong must go

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PREVIOUSLY IN POLITICS: Young Dems say Comissiong must go

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The early months of the year have frequently been politically active ones in Barbados with three previous elections being held in January (1991, 1999 and 2008) and one in February(2013). Over the next few weeks, will be going down the political memory lane with a look back at the sights, sounds, stories and scandals that made headlines Previously in Politics.

January 7, 1991

The Young Democrats, the youth arm of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) want David Comissiong out of the party ranks.

Donville Inniss, spokesperson for the group, said last night Comissiong had harmed the party by making his grievances public and by criticising Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford.

“The Democratic Labour Party has sat back and allow itself to be criticised far too long,” said Inniss. “We cannot allow this type of criticism in our own ranks.

“Comissiong should possess some loyalty to our organisation. If there is any difficulty amongst us let the difficulty be resolved within the confines of her organisation.”

 Inniss was reacting to comments made by Comissiong who on Saturday described Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford as “the biggest disaster to befall the DLP,” along with accusing him of systemically dividing the party and assuming the image of an international beggar.

Chris Sinckler, another spokesperson for the Young Democrats also called for Comissiong’s expulsion.

“He has attacked the Democratic Labour Party and he has also attacked the working class of Barbados,” he claimed.

The Young Democrat said if Comissiong was not tossed out, he (Sinckler) would quit as a matter of principle.

The responses are yet another chapter in the turbulent story of young Comissiong, formerly a Senator in the ruling party until a rift developed when he made a bid to run for the City as a DLP candidate- a position ultimately given to John Connell.