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Visitors turning up their noses

ALEX DOWNES, [email protected]

Visitors turning up their noses

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The impact of an extended period of sewage spilling on to Highway 7 between Hastings and Worthing, Christ Church, seems to be catching the attention of people interested in visiting Barbados.

Some tourists have posted their comments on TripAdvisor voicing their worries. Some said they have even cancelled their trips to the island because of the nagging sewage issue.

“I’m staying at Worthing Beach as we speak. The situation is horrible,” one visitor wrote on TripAdvisor recently.

“The odour is nauseating. Five of the six of us have had gastroenteritis in the last few days. I’m never returning,” the visitor said.

Another wrote: “We stayed on South Coast for 20 years annually. We were there last [December] when sewage was floating in the sea at Worthing . . . we’re not coming back until the sewage plant is fixed . . . . I’m sure we’re not alone, especially after a warning of potential health issues.” (AD)

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