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PREVIOUSLY IN POLITICS: Fatal lesson in co-leadership says Sealy

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PREVIOUSLY IN POLITICS: Fatal lesson in co-leadership says Sealy

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The early months of the year have frequently been politically active ones in Barbados with three previous elections being held in January (1991, 1999 and 2008) and one in February(2013). Over the next few weeks, will be going down the political memory lane with a look back at the sights, sounds, stories and scandals that made headlines Previously in Politics.


January 9, 2008

THE PRECEDENCE OF CO-LEADERSHIP in the Caribbean ended in bloodshed, says Richard Sealy, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for St Michael South Central.

Speaking Thursday at a meeting in Eden Lodge, St Michael, in the St Michael North constituency being contested by DLP candidate Francis DePeiza, Sealy said that the only precedence of co-leadership was in Grenada with Bernard Coard and Maurice Bishop. And, he said, “one of them is in a grave and the other is in a jail over that nonsense co-leadership thing. Only a monster has two heads.”

He said that the concept of co-leadership from Prime Minister Owen Arthur was “a desperate attempt to try to get Clyde Mascoll to win back his seat and a desperate attempt to deal with Mia Mottley, once and for all”.

“We have leadership that is not under threat, leadership that is comfortable with listening, leadership that is comfortable with the fact that all of us have something to offer.

“So let’s stay safe with a plan that will see one leader and a leader who is focussed on the issues of the moment. I don’t think the DLP needs to shy away from this matter,” he added.

“How can somebody be a good leader, how could he be a good leader and he is sitting down and watching land being sold left, right and centre to people from every part of this planet and ordinary Barbadians can’t get land for themselves,” he added.

“You can very well have a degree from UWI and you can’t afford land next door to where your mother was able to buy land 30/40 years ago. This is a serious development. That is seeing development going in the wrong direction” he said.