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2 Mile Hill ‘conversing’

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

2 Mile Hill ‘conversing’

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Local band 2 Mile Hill has got the Conversation started with their newest musical release and video.

The latest track from the five-member group hit the airwaves on Wednesday and as a gift, fans can download it for free. A music video was also released simultaneously to accompany it.

The song was written by Mahalia and produced by Black Man Chant – 2 Mile Hill’s production company which features musical director Andre Clarke. 

Infectious song

In the four-minute infectious dancehall song, front woman Mahalia is deeply involved in a late night chat with a lover. During the video, she appears in a number of provocative shots which match the single’s racy content.

Though the Caribbean vibe is strong on the sultry track the song still has the international pop/hip hop appeal.

“Conversation is a look at the saucier side of human connection. Sometimes it’s a little more primal and we need to fulfil an immediate desire. Pick up the phone and get the ball rolling,” Mahalia said.

When asked if she was afraid to appear on screen in the way she did, Mahalia told the WEEKEND BUZZ she had some reservations but her initial hesitation had nothing to do with the intimacy.

“Up until now being in front of the camera has been a little uncomfortable for me, but it was a challenge I wanted to accept and fully embody the role . . . . when I got into it, it became really easy and felt natural,” she added.

The video is available on YouTube and may be downloaded for free on (TG)