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A place for Christian leaders in politics


A place for Christian leaders in politics

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I am responding to the article in which Monsignor Vincent Blackett suggested that Christians should not get involved in politics or run for political office.

Is Mr Blackett asking all Christians in political jobs to demit their respective posts/offices?

Isn’t he aware that Christians hold high offices in politically appointed jobs and that when they become ambassadors, high commissioners (as is the case of Reverend Guy Hewitt, who is Barbados’ High Commissioner to London), permanent secretaries and personal assistants to Members of Parliament . . . and I can go on and on . . . that they are by extension already involved in politics?

Is he aware that many men of the Bible who were followers of Jehovah (God) and even followers of Jesus Christ, held high offices in government?

Why should Mr Blackett or any other minister of the gospel try to lay his or her personal view – and it’s nothing more than that – on the wider public?

If Christians are expected to vote, then they are also free to run for office. Case closed!

More than anything else, we need godly, Christian leaders who will rule righteously, honestly and fair. I am not saying that everyone who says “Lord, Lord” is truly a child of God, but please, Christians CAN and SHOULD ensure that they have a say in the political affairs of their countries wherever they are allowed to.

In a country which says it believes in democracy, I think Christians (inclusive of pastors, preachers, priests, and others) should make their presence felt in politics in Barbados if they feel led to do so. Those who think otherwise would just be stating their own views or they are calling God a fool for having used such devoted men as Daniel, David, Moses, Joseph and a host of godly kings – and even Queen Esther – to help lead nations.

Enough said!