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Growing debate for men of cloth

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Growing debate for men of cloth

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THE ANGLICAN CHURCH in the West Indies is in no rush to replace traditional clergy vestments for civilian wear.

However, Archbishop Dr John Holder said it was necessary to blend the traditional with the modern, as both were needed.

His comments come after the Church of England gets set to allow clergy to conduct services in civilian wear following a measure passed last year in London.

Holder acknowledged that there were arguments in support of both types of dress and said he understood both views.

“There is a tendency to treat most traditional things as dated and irrelevant. But many can still teach lessons that are relevant, and highlight values that the world still needs.

“Each piece of vestment worn at a religious service by the older, more traditional churches,  is the symbol of an important understanding of our relationship with God. They identify the person wearing the item as someone whose role is to be a model of God’s goodness and love,” he said.  (TG)

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