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Stick to preaching the Gospel


Stick to preaching the Gospel

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The issue of clergymen serving in active elective politics does call for some comment.

In light of the cut and thrust of modern party politics, where does real allegiance rest? With God or with the party?

Clergy service is a vocation. There must be more novel ways of serving. In critical matters where your vote is critical, even when the matter may be against your conscience, who do you cast your vote for?

The wisest fool in Christendom, a name given King James l by Francis Of France, addressing The Puritans said “religion and politics are two bad bedfellows”.

Clergy should stick to spreading the Gospel and helping to heal the maladies of the poor and oppressed and not seeking to do this from the halls of politics. We need community building, growing more food on a lot of this idle land. Fighting the scourge of murders and violence by use of biblical teachings and the word of Christ, and keep away from elective politics, which is divisive in nature.