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Union to move into next phase

LISA KING, [email protected]

Union to move into next phase

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Even without giving a public assessment of the impact of its two-day protest and resistance, the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) is moving into its next phase.

On Tuesday, public servants are expected to turn up for work and leave after a few hours as another form of protest action.

The NUPW has promised to issue an official statement on the impact of the recent “two days of protest and resistance” but did not say when.

Yesterday, general secretary of the NUPW, Roslyn Smith, was reported as saying that from Tuesday public servants will report for work, put in some hours and then leave, as a form of protest.

However, efforts to get more concrete details on the action and an official statement from the NUPW were unsuccessful. 

President of the NUPW, Akanni McDowall, said the union would issue a statement, but did not give a date or time.

The recent two-day industrial action, on Thursday and yesterday, came as a result of the Government’s failure to get back to the NUPW by January 15.

The salary negotiations date back to January 2016. The principals of the NUPW are asking the Government for a 23 per cent salary increase for its members, who have not had a pay increase since 2008.

On Thursday and yesterday, public servants were engaged in industrial action, but there were reports that it was business as usual at most public departments. (LK)