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ALTAR CALL: Pastor − Seek a Kingdom mindset

CHERYL HAREWOOD, [email protected]

ALTAR CALL: Pastor − Seek a Kingdom mindset

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A call has gone out for men and women of God to speak forth the word of God, arise with a fresh and new anointing, and shut the mouths of those who consult magicians and spiritualists rather than the Holy Spirit.

In a thought-provoking message from the pulpit of The People’s Cathedral Church last week, Pastor Jamal Medas urged listeners to have a “God” Kingdom mindset; hunger and thirst after God; arise in the midnight hour to seek His face for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit, and to cease from pulling down each other”.

He told them a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in their lives would result in men and women seeking them out for guidance and counsel, rather than consulting magicians and spiritualists.

Speaking on the topic A Fresh Move Of The Holy Spirit, the young pastor referred to Acts 8:9-24, and spoke of how Simon the sorcerer practised magic and deceived many, before Philip and other apostles led him and many others to Christ. He also spoke of how these new converts were later empowered by the Holy Spirit as the apostles laid hands on them.

 “When I think about a fresh move, I immediately think about the supernatural, spiritual power and spiritual gifts. Our main text states that when Philip came to town, they [the people] forgot about Simon,” Medas stressed.

“Years ago, the community went to the man of God for advice and guidance. The world is [now] consulting these people [spiritualists] because they are not seeing the power in the church.

“The church is too busy tearing down its own. Too many Christians have a church outlook, instead of a Kingdom mindset. When you think church business, you think small. When you think small, you think about position, recognition and my ministry, but when you are transformed by the renewing of your mind, you think Kingdom. When you have a Kingdom perspective, it doesn’t matter who’s in charge. All you think about is working together and getting the job done,” he declared.

“In order for us to experience a fresh move of the Holy Spirit, we must see Kingdom and not church.

“This fresh move that shall come to the church shall cause the world to come to the men and women of God for counsel. The church shall be a voice in this nation and not an echo, and in return, put these spiritualists out of business. This is the season for the true men and women of God to arise with a prophetic voice.”

In drawing reference to the midnight hour, Medas lamented: “It’s during this time that the witch doctors, spiritualists, obeah men . . . and those who engage in the occult are up practising their occultism activities and releasing negative words and spells over lives as well as over our nation Barbados. This is the head time many Christians are fast asleep.”

Medas also reminded the congregation it was at midnight when Jacob wrestled with the angel of God and prevailed; that Samson escaped out of the city to avoid being killed; that Paul and Silas prayed and sang hymns in prison before an earthquake shook the prison gates free; and that the five wise and five foolish virgins were visited by the Bridegroom (Jesus Christ).

“It’s at the midnight hour that the enemy tries to bring death to that which you have given birth – to your child, your marriage, your business, your ministry.

“A lot of victories are won during the midnight hour. But in hungering and thirsting for more, we must understand that with great power comes great persecution,” he warned.

Medas went on to quote author, pastor and songwriter R. Loren Sandford, who stated: “Be aware, because historically, whenever there has been a fresh move of the Spirit, opposition has erupted. It comes in two forms. The first comes from those who don’t really want the Spirit to move; who can’t handle the mess it makes or who find their theology threatened by it. It would seem that the spirit of religion cannot allow for anything to occur that human beings cannot control or understand.

“One person’s order and decency are another person’s boredom and death. Not everyone will be comfortable with the freedom revival brings.”

He listed the second form of opposition as coming from those “who want revival and don’t mind the mess it makes, but who think themselves immune to deception”.

Medas explained: “Those who get caught in this trap will be led to believe that their ‘discernment’ is godly and accurate, so that correction becomes exceedingly difficult and is often rejected.”

He pleaded with the congregation not to be discouraged at the way The Holy Spirit was leading them, to cease from complaining, and to trust God’s ways which “are higher than yours”.

The minister also called on his listeners to forgive, see God in every circumstance, and recognise the true value of the Holy Spirit.

“We have something that the world cannot give, and the world cannot take it away. Man can take away your title and your position, but no one can take the Holy Spirit from you,” he stated. (CH)