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Revise Warrens traffic flows


Revise Warrens traffic flows

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The dangerous traffic flows in the Warrens area, mainly at the D’Arcy Scott Roundabout near Chefette, are in urgent need of correction, and the additional construction will only make things worse.

Surely, experiences of near misses and the number of accidents are proof of this. In addition, the buildings in the area are not clearly identified by name and number and, of course, the roads have no names.

If one is not familiar with the area, driving and finding offices there are nightmares.

Another invitation to accidents is the practise of putting orange cones at the very edge of the area in which work is being carried out. Surely a few single cones on the edge of the road or highway before the actual blocked area would help with warnings before one reaches the danger zone. Further hazardous conditions are created where double lanes suddenly become single lanes without warning. Could signs warning about ending or merging lanes not be consistently put in place?

Meanwhile, bit by bit our beaches are slipping from our grasp, as noted in complaints over time about what is going on. Let us not wait until the robbery has taken place and then have to try to fight to get them back.