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US Embassy gives its word 

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US Embassy gives its word 

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The United States Embassy has given its commitment to working with the Barbados Government in conducting further water quality testing.

Word of this comes from the US Embassy’s public affairs officer James Rodriguez after the Embassy revealed two weeks ago they had found elevated bacteria levels in local water.

“As part of its routine water quality testing on January 23, the US Embassy, using a local laboratory, tested water quality at five residences located in the area of the South Coast,” Rodriguez said. “The results showed that four of these residences had elevated levels of bacteria in the tap water.

“While the tests came back negative for total coliform, E. coli and salmonella, we are uncertain about the cause of the elevated Total Bacteria Counts,” Rodriguez continued.

On January 25, the Embassy issued a health advisory and advised staff to boil their drinking water or use bottled water as a precautionary measure.

Rodriguez explained despite the uncertainty, the levels were high enough that, after consultation with the US State Department, the embassy issued the health advisory as a precautionary measure.

Additionally, he said the US Embassy shared their findings with the local Government.

This partnership between the US Embassy and Government was first announced two weeks ago by Minister of Health John Boyce during a joint press conference between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health to respond to the health advisory.

However, both Boyce and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maxine McClean assured the public Barbados’ water supply was completely safe for drinking. (AD)

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