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ALTAR CALL: Dame Sandra ‘chosen by God’

CHERYL HAREWOOD, [email protected]

ALTAR CALL: Dame Sandra ‘chosen by God’

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God is still in the business of raising up Joshuas, Davids and Esthers who will stand in the gap and bring about change in their nations for His will, purpose and glory.

This was declared by Apostle Dr Lucille Baird, during a service earlier this month at her Mount Zion’s Mission Church in Rock Dundo, St James, which was attended by Governor General Dame Sandra Mason.

Baird’s message was centred around the lives of Joshua, David and Esther, whom God placed in various situations “for such a time as this”.

She told the congregation: “Joshua was raised up in his season to lead the children of Israel into the promised land. He was appointed to conquer kingdoms and destroy kings so that the Israelites could possess their inheritance. He fulfilled the mandate and purpose of God on his life despite the several misfortunes and trials.”

David, she added, known as “the man after God’s own heart”, was also raised up in his season.

“He was called and anointed as a teenager and started on the road to his destiny with a fierce battle against Goliath the giant and the Philistine army.”

The apostle said that God, in His divine wisdom and power, trained and taught David the rudiments of warfare in the backside of the desert.

“Despite the continual battles and attacks of the enemy, being chased by Saul into caves and being deceived and attacked by his own son Absalom, David ascended the throne in victory and possessed his inheritance. He impacted nations and ruled with a mighty anointing and power.”

She also noted that Esther, a little orphaned maiden, came to the kingdom as a replacement for a rejected queen.

“She came in her season ‘for such a time as this’, a time when a wicked Haman had plotted and strategised the total destruction of the Jews.”

The preacher said God used her strategically with wisdom, anointing and power to reverse the plan of and destroy the enemy, and establish new laws to benefit His people and to cause them to possess their inheritance.

Baird said she was also convinced that God had chosen Dame Sandra for such a time as this.

“Such a person is Her Excellency Dame Sandra Mason, the Governor General of Barbados, our Governor General. I believe that God has raised her up, established her and positioned her as our Governor General ‘for such a time as this’ because of all of her outstanding attributes and past experiences.”

In her address to the congregation, Dame Sandra said: “In my later years, whether it was in banking, on the Bench, or by way of my involvement in organisations at the wider community level, this compelling need to give back to Barbados grew stronger and has remained with me throughout my life.

“The euphoria I feel at this afternoon’s event is proudly shared by my eight siblings as well as my nieces and nephews, who have all played a significant role in the person whom I have become today,” she added. (CH)