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Too short-sighted


Too short-sighted

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Politicians are truly remarkable people.

In the 1980s when Prime Minister J.M.G.M. Adams wanted to welcome the St George’s University and Medical School to the idle or vacant St Joseph Hospital site and facilities in St Peter, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and various doctors strenuously objected. Remember the Mighty Gabby’s calypso about “cadavers”?

This forceful opposition prevented the establishment of the first offshore medical school in Barbados 30 years ago!

Today the DLP is singing the praises of the offshore medical schools which are seen as part of the salvation of Barbados!


The same thing applied to the establishment of the Barbados Defence Force. Remember the calypso Boots?


I would be grateful if the radio stations would play the calypso Boots and the one dealing with cadavers and the St George’s University Offshore Medical School.


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