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‘No clear answers’ about body

CARLOS ATWELL, ​[email protected]

‘No clear answers’ about body

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Mystery surrounds a well-respected man who died and ended up spending months in storage, upsetting friends and co-workers.

There is uncertainty as to whether 56-year-old Keith Brathwaite, formerly of Bedford Lane, Roebuck Street, St Michael, has been buried or not as no one could give definite confirmation.

A friend, who requested anonymity, told the Weekend Nation Brathwaite had an ongoing court case against the state when he fell ill and died in November last year.

“His attorney said he would take care of the burial but afterwards he withdrew. His girlfriend doesn’t have the money to bury him and while his former workplace said they would raise funds, they are waiting on the attorneys who are still working through his case,” he said.

Brathwaite worked for the Jada Group as a general worker. Manager Paul Lewis said the deceased was well loved and it was a shame what happened to him.

“He was a valued, long-standing staff member who was unfortunately poorly treated. Before his death, he developed complications from a non-communicable disease which resulted in a leg being amputated, and the staff were helping him.

“When he died, we took up a collection for the burial but no one came forward as next of kin and I understand there were problems accessing funds due to him from a court case. He deserved a decent burial but couldn’t get one,” he said.

Lewis said, however, he had heard the Welfare Department had stepped in and Brathwaite should either get a burial soon or had already been buried recently.

Another friend, who also requested anonymity, said she did not know if he had been buried as yet but hoped so. (CA)

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