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BOA pushing for equality of sexes

RIA GOODMAN, [email protected]

BOA pushing for equality of sexes

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The Barbados Olympic Association’s (BOA) Women in Sport Commission is pressing for a level playing field for males and females in sport.

This was revealed to NATIONSPORT by chairperson of the commission, Ytannia Wiggins, during the start of International Women’s Day celebrations at the Barbados Olympic Association on Sunday.

“The IOC mandate bid is now pushing for 50/50 equity both on and off the field, so this is in terms of pushing for women to be in key leadership positions,” she said.

Wiggins said that progress was limited but any progress was positive.

“In our recently concluded election, we elected our first female president and we now have four females on our executive board, which accounts for above the 20 per cent mandate set by the IOC. On every federation there is a female but they are not in key positions,” she said.

“Only five of the 30 federations have females are presidents – 25 are secretaries. How do we change that to 50/50?” Wiggins asked.

For this year’s event they decided to move away from the 5K event to a treasure hunt following the format of orienteering which is an Olympic sport.

Wiggins said that the treasure hunt would be both fun and educational and will be used to highlight the achievements of athletes.

“They follow the map and have fun questions, like asking them if they know 14-year-old Meagan Best, who is a national squash champion, or Chelsea Tuach or Latonia Blackman”.

A number of men also came out to support the women in their activities.

“The advancement with women cannot be without the support of our men. It sort of goes hand in hand,” Wiggins said.

“This year the theme is Press for Progress. We now have our male counterparts recognising the need to support the females because when they support them they support the federations, the country, the community. Everyone benefits”.

The BOA will be hosting an all-female cross fit competition on  Saturday at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex.

So far 70 people have registered, including some from the United States, Turks and Caicos and St Lucia. (RG)