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Stink too much for residents


Stink too much for residents

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Residents in the north are crying out over mounting piles of garbage in their districts.

“It has been about three weeks now and we need the garbage collected. We haven’t seen a truck for a while,” said a householder in Bromefield, St Lucy, yesterday.

Things were not any better in nearby Checker Hall No. 2, St Lucy. It seemed that a small landfill had developed as the garbage spilled over to the road.

“The garbage truck needs to come and pick up this garbage, as it was supposed to come on Monday and it did not come. Out here is a mess,” a resident lamented.

The eyesores were the same in Fustic Village as well as in Clinketts, also in St Lucy, especially outside of Half Moon Fort Primary School.

“It is very disgraceful to see how up here is, with all the garbage, especially near a school, and it can’t get pick up. But the Sanitation truck can pick up garbage two and sometimes three times a week on the main road,” an irate neighbour shouted.

A source at the Sanitation Service Authority said they were aware of the situation and were trying to address it.

The source added attention was also being paid to the south of the island where build-ups were developing. (RL)