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Kensington Mall open for business


Kensington Mall open for business

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The new Kensington Mall is expected to bring much needed life to the Fontabelle area.

The mall, owned by Massy Properties, is located near the stoplights at Holborn Circle, St Michael, in the building which formerly housed Dacosta Mannings.

Marketing manager Ian Donovan said he expected great things from the mall.

“We have 28 shop spaces in all. We only have one vacant space, which we have earmarked for a convenience store. The spaces range from male and female boutiques, a restaurant, a coffee shop, barber studio, hairdresser, Foster & Ince Cruise Travel, a credit union, among many others,” he said at Thursday’s opening.

“We think the mall is going to do very well. If today is an indication of how it’s going to go, the tenants are going to be very happy. Those who have already opened are already doing well.”

Leslie Brathwaite, co-owner of Let There Be Light said he was looking forward to the mall bringing life back to Fontabelle.

“I think the mall has a lot of potential and it will bring back the good days of Fontabelle. Down here has a rich business history and I believe it’s going to pick back up,” he said. (DB)