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BLP using scare tactics says DLP candidate

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

BLP using scare tactics says DLP candidate

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Pure scare tactics.

That is what Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for the City of Bridgetown constituency Henderson Williams has accused the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) of doing to generate buzz.

He also said that if it were up to the BLP, Barbados would have crashed and burned a long time ago as he responded to a question from a reporter about the City being “in limbo” because an election date is yet to be called.

“[The election date] has become a political football… .A part of the strategy of the BLP is to instil fear and frustration into the residents of this country. Barbados should have fallen apart at least ten times in the last two years,” Williams said at his constituency office “Yellow House” at Evelyn Avenue Bayville  during a press briefing yesterday. 

In addition to his team’s focus on the youth and the family via programmes such as Help One Family, the Youth Fathers Programme and sporting tournaments such as the City Soccer Classic, Williams said there was still much that could be done to improve tourism in the area.

Henderson highlighted the importance of investments such as the controversial Hyatt Hotel project, which is to be constructed at Lower Bay Street which he said would provide additional employment.

“Those kinds of jobs put us on the map. Right now we have tourism that drives us, we can diversify more but certainly this is what we have and how we are earning and we need to be able to grow,” he said.

He also said the UNESCO designation had not gotten the traction that it should, “Bridgetown has a rich heritage and I don’t think we get the full benefit and those are things we want to look at”. (TG)