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Police warn: cheque fraudsters becoming bolder

LISA KING, [email protected]

Police warn: cheque fraudsters becoming bolder

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Criminals in Barbados have become more brazen in their attempts to defraud businesses across the island.

A senior policeman yesterday said they have seen an upsurge in cases where fraudsters have been printing and making out cheques in large amounts in the names of legitimate businesses.

This warning from assistant superintendent of Police Jefferson Clarke of the Criminal Investigations Department  of the Royal Barbados Police Force, (RBPF) who said, “we are seeing a lot more sophistication in the types of fraud where people are actually using information from legitimate businesses and making cheques that purport to be from that business place.  We are seeing large cheques, sometimes over $100 000 and that is something that is new.”

Speaking yesterday at the Accra Beach Hotel, Rockley, after making a presentation to the Creditinfo Barbados Ltd Seminar on Effective Credit Management and Debt Recovery, he said previously the RBPF would see more dishonoured cheques, but people were now actually forging cheques on their personal computers.

President of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry Eddie Abed told the Weekend Nation the practice, which became very evident over the last Christmas period, led several businesses to limit the types of cheques they accepted, some decided to not take personal cheques, while others were not taking any cheques.

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