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Vendors at Crane still without chairs

ALEX DOWNES, [email protected]

Vendors at Crane still without chairs

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FOR THE SECOND day running, vendors at the Crane Beach in St Philip have found themselves high and dry as far as their businesses are concerned.

That’s because the Crane Resort still has over 150 of the vendors’ beach chairs locked away in a container, while the resort continues to provide chairs for its guests.

Vocal beach vendor Nicole Blades told the DAILY NATION she and other vendors were finding the lack of business tough going, but noted there was a scheduled meeting with the National Conservation Commission (NCC) planned for tomorrow.

“No business has been open today. It’s very hard. They are upset, just like how I am, but I’m taking it in stride. I would see on Friday and when we get coastal and the other persons together, I would know what is my next step,” Blades said.

She said members of the NCC met with them yesterday morning to notified them of the meeting, after a meeting between the Crane Resort and the vendors on Tuesday.

 Nicole said the vendors were told by officials from the top-rated resort that the land they placed their chairs was actually Crane Resort property. As a result of this and several prior notices of them operating on the resort’s property, the chairs were   “temporarily seized”.

However, general manager for the NCC Keith Neblett explained the issue over whether or not the beach land was public or private property was something the commission was looking into. (AD)