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BRA ready for 2017 income tax filing


BRA ready for 2017 income tax filing

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Filing season for the 2017 tax year is under way and taxpayers can begin filing their income tax returns online at

This notification has come from the Barbados Revenue Authority’s Manager, Communications and PR, Carolyn Williams-Gayle, who advised taxpayers that the filing deadline for the submission of 2017 tax returns is Monday, April 30, 2018.

Williams-Gayle emphasised that all persons receiving an income must file an income tax return, even if they are not required to pay taxes.

“Every individual who was employed or carried on a business, vocation, trade or undertaking of any kind, whether or not an assessable income has been derived, is required to file an income tax return with the Revenue Authority,” she stated.

The Communications and PR Manager also urged individual taxpayers to ensure that all third-party information related to their tax profile was uploaded and accurate before they filed.

“Every year, the Authority issues the notice for third party information providers to upload their information for individual taxpayers to ensure readiness of information well in advance of tax filing. When some persons go to file their returns, they realise that some pertinent information has not been uploaded or the figures uploaded are inaccurate.

“We are therefore asking taxpayers to double-check the accuracy of the information uploaded on their behalf before they submit their returns and where necessary, to contact the institutions to have it corrected before filing,” she advised.

Williams-Gayle added that where the obligation to ‘File Now’ does not appear in the taxpayers’ ‘My Obligations’ panel, they will have to manually select the ‘Update the Registry’ information option in order to activate it.

She also noted that the tax rates, allowances and deductions for the 2017 return remain the same as those available in the 2016 tax year. (BRA/BGIS)