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‘Big life’ must stop!

JOHN SEALY, [email protected]

‘Big life’ must stop!

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The days of wasting money on unnecessary foreign goods, and Barbadians living above their means, must come to an end if the country is to prosper again.

Those were among the warnings sent out yesterday by prominent businessman Ralph “Bizzy” Williams, founder and chairman of William Industries, and consultant agronomist and former Independent Senator Dr Frances Chandler.

They were speaking on Starcom Network’s radio call-in programme Sunday Brass Tacks which focused on What Concerns You The Most About What’s Happening In Barbados And How We Fix It. It was moderated by journalist Sanka Price.


Senator Dr Frances Chandler. (FILE)

Chandler said debt and foreign exchange were major problems, but both Government and individuals continued to live above their means, waste foreign exchange importing “nonsense”, especially some food items, while there was not enough monitoring of the receipts from tourism.

She also called for a reduction in the size of Government, inclusive of the Public Service and Parliament.

“This bloated institution contributes to the fact that we are spending more than we earn and on unnecessary and unproductive items, and that spells disaster.

“No country in our economic straits should have MPs and other public officials driving around in $300 000 cars and flying first class all over the world.

“We must live within our means – not only Government but Barbadians in general. If they can’t manage their credit cards, cut them up,” Chandler declared.

Williams told fellow Barbadians no government could “cause manna to fall from Heaven to provide for their every wish”.

He said with excessive political correctness, unwieldy regulations to slow down the private sector and people walking off the job at the slightest malfunction of equipment, “then we cannot expect to achieve great productivity and prosperity”.

He said Barbadians had to understand their destiny was in their hands.

“So if we want to be prosperous, we have to earn our way into prosperity, not expect Government to provide for us.

“I wish that Barbadians will support each other’s businesses instead of wanting every luxury item that is imported.

“That we develop a culture of living within our means and paying our debts.” (JS)