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Manhole challenges

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Manhole challenges

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The sewage problem on the South Coast reared its ugly head again yesterday, resulting in discomfort to pedestrians and motorists.

This time it was bubbling sewage water that drifted across the street from a manhole in the vicinity of Lanterns Mall, Hastings, Christ Church, while Barbados Water Authority (BWA) crews were working in the area. They were however unable to rectify the situation.

Manager of the BWA’s Waste Water Recovery Programme, Patricia Inniss, was called in after complaints from customers who noticed the overflows.  

“There is a weakness in the manhole cover . . . . We can’t do it now because we don’t have all the material, but by tomorrow [Monday] night we will be able to fix it,” she said yesterday evening.

Inniss explained that teams of plumbers, masons, electricians and inspectors from the BWA were on the job responding to customers on a daily basis, but until there was a permanent solution, those hiccups were possible.

“You must remember the problem is still to be addressed, so what we are doing is as much mitigating to make customers comfortable by diverting some [water] if we can, sealing manholes, keeping pressure at the plant so that we can keep the levels down as much as possible.

“We are constantly balancing to make sure that until we get a more permanent fix, things don’t escalate; so there will be issues every once ina while.”

Inniss added that large cans were placed on top of the holes to divert motorists, as if they were driven over soon after repairs, there could bea setback.

“We’ve also been repairing some things this morning, so it caused a little pressure on the line,” she added.

This crisis, ongoing for about two years, has affected residents, businesses and visitors who have complained about the stench. (TG)