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Newbury outshine Unity


Newbury outshine Unity

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Recently demoted Newbury proved a brighter Star than newly promoted Unity when the two met in an exciting Barbados Netball Association’s Division 2 league clash at the Netball Stadium on Monday night.

In 2017, Unity Stars had ended second to Pine Hill St Barnabas in Division 3 to earn promotion while a second successive year at the bottom of the Division 1 ladder had seen Newbury Stars pitching to the lower level.

A first game loss to Shottas had not augured well for Newbury and neither was the shooting of new Barbados Gem Stefanie Patrick, who on Monday night fired Unity to early leads of 11-4 and 17-16.

However, Barbados mid-court player Amanda Knight, along with a fighting fitter-looking Charlene Jordan, who alternated between goal defence and wing defence disrupted Unity and propelled Newbury to a 28-24 advantage in the third quarter.

The mercurial Khadijah Domingo and veteran Beverley Marsh then went to work in the shooting circle to go nova for Newbury. Domingo, who suffered a love hate relationship with most schools, clubs and national teams displayed her shooting prowess scoring 26, mostly long distance shots from 34 attempts.

Marsh, at 55 years proved that the only numbers she was concerned about was the distance from the ring and the percentage of 14 goals from 22 attempts. She and Domingo also confounded Barbados defender T’Shanie Foster into committing numerous obstruction penalties granting facile conversions.

Patrick kept Unity in the firmament with 25/33 but the subpar support from Tamesha Mounter 9/17 and a Newbury superior mid court ensured that the latter built up and maintained a gap good enough to squeeze out the win. (KB)


Division 1

Newbury All Stars 40 (GA Khadija Domingo 26/34, GS Beverley Marsh 14/22)

Unity Stars 34 ( GS Stefanie Patrick 25/33, GA Tameisha Mounter 9/17)

Quarter scores: 4-11, 16-17, 28-24, 40-34.

Division 3

C.O. Williams Rangers 37 (GS Kheshania Forde 19/25, GS Heather Belle 14/19, GA Cheryl Steele 4/6)

Brydenstokes Brunswick 16 (GS Claudette Johnson 8/13, GS Beverley Grant 7/7, GA Margaret Spooner 1/3)

Quarter scores: 9-4, 21-6, 29-9, 37-16.

Division 5

WOW Shottas 30 (GS Samika Watson 11/19, GA Roshea Williams 16/17, GS Sandra Maynard 3/7)

St Christopher Ballers 12 (GA Kelly Conliff 10/14, GS Cloe Chase 2/4)

Quarter scores: 9-0, 19-3, 25-9, 30-12.

Division 6

Princess Margaret Emerald Stars 22 (GS Africal Chase 12/18, GA Aliyah Davis 10/13)

St James Stilettos 20  (GA Addis Ward 16/18, GS Sharia Coppin 4/9)

Quarter scores: 7-3, 10-12, 15-16, 22-20.

Barbados Lumber Co UAC 19 (GA Janica Thornhill 9/14, GA Emmeri White 8/15, GS Licille Francis 2/3)

Edghill & Forde Ballers 3 (GS Dwaneyle Williams 3/11, GA Jalissa White 0/4)

Quarter scores: 5-0, 7-1, 15-1, 19-3.

Division 7

Unity stars 28 (GS Tareka Haynes 15/24, GA Liana Leacock 13/18)

Guardian Group Pride of Villa 23 (GS Kennia Blackman 11/19, GA Tawnisha Clarke 12//26)

Quarter scores: 7-8, 12-13, 20-20, 26-23