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All Destiny

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Destiny Dezi Lynch is the calypso queen of Hindsbury Primary.

The Class 4 Nicholls pupil won the inaugural competition held at the St Michael school on Tuesday before students, parents and guardians, other relatives, former teachers and friends.

Singing Dun Wid De Violence, a song about “too much violence in this country”, she implored people to stop and put down the guns and knives.

Her diction was clear and she seemed comfortable on stage. The song, written from a child’s perspective, was easy to remember.

She and second-placed Caitlyn KatieG Gaskin should seriously consider entering this year’s Junior Monarch programme.

KatieG, one of several contestants from Class 4 Nicholls, offered a positive spin on violence. Her song, titled Take A S.T.A.B, urged parents, other adults and children to stop the aggressive behaviour, spread love and “stab at the children with positive behaviour” because they were the future. She used the stage well and connected with the audience.

Shania Shaneesha St Hilare-Boyce and Rohisia Queen B Sampson tied for third.

Singing I Love My School, Shaneesha of Class 1 Carter, focused on school pride. She loved her school as it was the “crème de la crème of all institutions” and the students were the “diamonds and the gems”.

Her costume also depicted the school’s colours – blue plaid shirt and solid blue, and she was also the only contestant to have three students as background vocalists. The others were backed by teachers Erica Forte, Tamara Yearwood and Lisa Walton.

Written by mum


Queen Bee, of Class 2 Mayers, wanted to know why society was in This Position today. The song, written by her mum, offered a solution to counter the pervasive negativity in society. It was to give more love and be more peaceful and she, accompanied by four dancers, urged everyone to “rep the love, rep the peace”.

Shaneesha was also awarded the Mighty Gabby Award for the Best Rendition, while Ania Queen Diva Williams-Watts copped the Red Plastic Bag Trophy for Best Song with her cleverly written De Voting Flu.

Seven Star, who was a reserve contestant in last year’s Scotiabank Junior Monarch Finals, won the Students’ Choice Award for Potholes.

Witty lyrics, catchy melodies and arrangements, costumes and props all made for a good contest which was conceptualised by principal Nola Cummings-Lewis. Cultural Ambassador Stedson Red Plastic Bag Wiltshire worked with teachers Makini Callender and Melanie Shepherd to develop and produce it in four weeks.

Cultural Ambassador Mighty Gabby, reigning Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch Ian iWeb Webster and Smokey Burke judged the 14 calypsos, 13 of which were written by teachers.

The other contestants were: Lexi (I Need A Raise), Princess (Support We School), Queen T (Who Wants To Be De Teacher?), DJ Diamond (Just Say No), Rock Star (Tacks), Honey Boo Boo (I Can’t Tek That), Phoenix (Awake) and Ms Adeze (Confessions).