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Hundreds after Canada jobs


Hundreds after Canada jobs

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MORE BARBADIANS are seeking job opportunities overseas.

On Wednesday, hundreds turned out to the Warrens Office Complex to register with the National Employment Bureau for possible job opportunities in Canada.

Acting Labour Officer Judith Branch said the response was overwhelming.

“Today we are trying to reach a set of people who have not registered with the department before. So we are trying to put together a pool of people in the event that we have any interest coming from Canada, that we would be able to fill those positions in a quick time.

“We find that a lot of Barbadians are still looking for jobs in Canada; it’s very viable,” she explained.

However, Branch said the opportunities were not as forthcoming as in previous years.

“Right now the numbers are not what they used to be in terms of the opportunities coming from Canada. We still have a lot of people interested, but the numbers of opportunities are dwindling. I guess it’s because they try to hire Canadians first, then anyone else after.”

She said they were trying to source jobs in the agriculture and the hotel sectors.

Some of those who attended told the DAILY NATION they were frustrated with the job search in Barbados and were seeking opportunities elsewhere.

Daniel Carter, 24, said he had been unsuccessfully trying to get a job for a few years.

“I’m looking to find a job, anything would do for now.I went to PomMarine but I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a job.

“I found out about this from a Facebook ad, so I decided to come today and try my luck. I’m willing to leave Barbados to get a job if that’s what it takes,” he said.

Maria Sealy, who is employed, said she was interested in broadening her horizons.

 “Today went pretty well, pretty straightforward. I’m very interested in working overseas. At this present time there’s nothing here in Barbados,” she said.

A woman, who asked not to be identified, said things in Barbados weren’t going well, so the time had come to look elsewhere.

“I’m not looking for any job in particular, but something in the hotel industry would be nice. If you’re honest with yourself [you] would see what’s happening here in Barbados. Nothing is going on and things are declining very fast. I’m hoping that I get through and go [to] be the best that I can be,” she said.

The fair ended at 2 p.m. (DB)