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Devices putting a strain on night rest, says Massay

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON, [email protected]

Devices putting a strain on night rest, says Massay

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Move the computer out of the bedroom and turn off the cell phone at night.

Those devices, said noted cardiologist Dr Raymond Massay, prevent people from getting a good night’s sleep and relieving the stresses of the day.

Massay made the comments as he gave a lecture entitled Steps to a healthier heart during an event hosted by the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Project at the Sandy Crest Medical Centre yesterday.

Stress, the cardiologist said, was one of the major factors leading to heart disease. As a result, he urged people to get an adequate amount of sleep and to engage in moderate exercise.

“Take the computer out of your bedroom, take the TV out,” he also advised.

“When you go into your bedroom, you must go psychologically prepared to get restorative sleep. You can’t get it if you are listening to Don Lemon at 10 o’clock at night and he is aggravating you about Trump. So remove your computer, turn off your phone and get that restorative sleep because your health depends on it,” he declared.

Massay further said light pollution was another factor which prevented many a good’s night sleep.

He singled out security lighting “coming in through your window”, saying “I really don’t think that the security lights around your home are helping”. (HLE)