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Grieving family


Grieving family

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We want justice. This is the plea of friends and family of Ronald Knight, who died yesterday after being struck by a Suzuki Vitara sports utility vehicle on Sunday, March 11, while walking along a road in Bibby’s Lane, St Michael, metres away from his home.

The 45-year-old handyman had been detained at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital since the incident. He passed away around 4:40 p.m.

Knight was unable to breathe on his own and was attached to machines with a tube in his throat. He also suffered a broken spine and other bones.

The mood was sombre at his Exchange Hill community Tuesday night.

Eldest daughter Shakila Wilkinson, 21, speaking in a soft voice, said her father was a loving man who had a close relationship with each of his six children. Her ten-year-old sister Aaliyah, said she would not be able to tell her father which secondary school she passed for after sitting the Common Entrance Exam next month.

Their mother Antoinette, Knight’s girlfriend for over 20 years, was not at home.

Knight has three other children, Shaquoia, 16, A-Ryhianna, 13, and Shaquan is 18 while Knight had a grandchild: two-year-old Shariya.

Neighbours also expressed sorrow at the passing of a man cherished for his community spirit.

Neighbour and close friend Krystal Wilkinson said the family was depressed and his children were taking it the hardest.

To date, no one has been charged. (SB)