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Two lost at sea


Two lost at sea

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Two fishermen have been missing at sea for the past 25 days, causing panic among their families and fisherfolk.

An SOS is out for Michael Hawkesworth and Kurt Watson who were aboard the ice-boat Pearlita on what should have been a two-week expedition.

The boat’s battery appeared to have gone down and there was no ship-to-shore contact available, while the Coast Guard has been notified to effect a rescue plan.

Sisters June and Marlene Haynes are anxiously awaiting word about their adoptive brother Hawkesworth, who left the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex with captain Watson on March 26.

Hawkesworth, who turned 60 on the day he left, and Watson, said to be in his 60s, were both experienced fishermen.

Caretaker of the Pearlita, Randolph Blackman, said that there has been no word from the two in about two weeks. He contacted the Coast Guard and the Fisheries Division for assistance, but still had no word.

Blackman said he did not have any contact with Hawkesworth and Watson, but noted they had called for assistance from other boats, reporting their battery was low on voltage. (KG)