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Pupils forced outside

CARLOS ATWELL, [email protected]

Pupils forced outside

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An environmental issue forced children from two classes at the Catherine’s Primary School outside yesterday.

The children of Infants A and Reception took classes under a tent next to the school hall, where the issue was said to be.

The school principal, who did not wish to be named, said the situation was under control.

“I have reported an issue to the ministry and I am giving them the opportunity to deal with the matter. In the meantime, we have accommodated the children under a tent so teaching can continue. The children are already accustomed to outdoor classes, and should bad weather come, they will be accommodated,” he said.

However, parent Simon Clarke was less confident in the actions of the school. He said it was like they were keeping a secret.


No solution

“I heard a rumour this morning that the children were outside, so I came to see for myself. There was no communication from the school, and to my mind there is no solution in sight to the problem,” he said.

Clarke said he understood that since March 1 the ministry had been made aware of the issue, which appeared to centre on animal droppings, fungus and dust, but to date noting had been resolved. He said parents had been finding out via tip-offs, which was not good enough.

“I heard the teachers are suffering health challenges, so sooner or later so will the children. I was told they might cordon off the area, but then where will the children go? Many parents are still unaware of what’s happening here but from March to now seems like a reasonable time in which to make us aware,” he said.

Clarke said he was planning action by writing to the Ministry of Education himself as he said he was not satisfied after speaking to the principal.

Attempts to contact Chief Education Officer Karen Best were unsuccessful. (CA)