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Jack one step ahead


Jack one step ahead

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Jack Francis, who holds a slim one-point lead over defending Masters champion Ronald “Suki’ King, sets his eyes on Julian Burgess when the second half of the Henderson Layne Memorial Draughts Tournament starts today at the Christ Church Girls School.

Suki will take on Richard Grazette and Jeffrey “Socks” Clarke will clash with Rawle “Schoolboy” Williams.

After six intense matches, including an eventful draw between Francis and King, Francis has 17 points, Williams and King 16 each, Grazette 15 and Carson Farley, Clarke and Burgess, back from a lengthy sabbatical, 13 each. One point behind are Cedric Fields, Hallam Hope, Winston Lowe and Matthew Barnett. Mark Barnett, Matthew’s brother, scored the lone win Wednesday, defeating veteran Royland Mapp 1-0.

The Majors Division is led by national champion Tyrone “General Norpe” Moore on 21 points, followed by Eddie Moore on 15. On Thursday, Tyrone Moore defeated Cleveland Yarde and Samantha Holder, while Eddie Moore lost to fourth-placed Anderson “Brickford” Hunte 1-0. Wilma Branch defeated Bertram Alleyne 1-0, while Wynell Neverson dragged Victor Mayers to a slow and painful demise, 1-0. (HH)