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Mia: For Bajans’ sake, ring the bell


Mia: For Bajans’ sake, ring the bell

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Call the election, for the country’s sake. That was the plea of Barbados Labour Party leader Mia Mottley to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart in an open letter released to the media Sunday night.

Mottley said she was making the appeal on behalf of Barbadians because the country was on pause and people were suffering.

“Our beloved Barbados is literally crumbling and grinding to a halt as a result of your tardiness, indecisiveness and inertia. While you refuse to set a date for elections, every artery in the country’s body is malfunctioning and many of our people are suffering as a consequence,” she said.

Mottley said her party was ready to fight the poll and another month would not do it any harm, but it was the pain average Barbadians were going through that concerned her.

“Our farmers are crying out, retailers and Bajans all over are choking to death under the strain of the NSRL [National Social Responsibility Levy]. Hoteliers are not making ends meet, trade unions are on their knees begging for action on matters affecting their members, who are buckling after no salary increase for eight years . . . .

“Prime Minister, our country is drifting and our people are suffering. Our institutions are reeling . . . . I am pleading with you, in the name of all that is good and righteous, call the election and stop the haemorrhage.

“At this stage, what matters is not whether you or I emerge victorious, but that we stop the rot – that we breathe new life and hope into Barbados and Barbadians,” she added. (SP)