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QEH lauded for gold award


QEH lauded for gold award

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Health Minister John Boyce has lauded the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) on its award of international accreditation at the gold level by Accreditation Canada.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the achievement last Friday, Boyce stated: “Accreditation is one of the most powerful symbols of a health care organisation’s commitment to provide high quality, safe health care using the benchmarks associated with global best practice.”

He noted that while accreditation benefited all stakeholders, it was the patients of the QEH who would be the biggest beneficiaries.

“Accreditation ensures that patients’ rights are respected and protected, the environment of care is one that promotes safety, and patients can expect to have their voices heard through the periodic evaluation of patient satisfaction surveys.”

The Health Minister also submitted that resources at the QEH would be used more efficiently since there would be a marked reduction in waste as process improvement principles were applied. “Over time, cost savings to provide health care will be realised, as it costs less to provide quality health care than to provide care that is not.”

Boyce said that international accreditation at the gold level indicated that the QEH was operating to the highest international standards in all departments and reflected high individual and organisational performance.

He praised the staff on the achievement, noting that it required tireless effort and tremendous focus. “The fact that we operate to the best international standards, despite limited funds and the many other challenges faced, reflects enormously well on the team,” he maintained.

The Health Minister, however, cautioned that the accreditation process was a journey, and quality improvement a continuous cycle. He urged the staff to continue striving to be the leader among healthcare facilities in the region “by delivering health care and professional teaching services of the highest quality while maximising benefits to all”. (BGIS)