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‘Show more compassion’ in abuse cases

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

‘Show more compassion’ in abuse cases

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Radio talk show host Carita Dee is calling on Barbadians to be more compassionate when it comes to cases of domestic violence.

She was speaking in the wake of the murder of Guyanese nail technician Onica King, who was killed while working at her Mandela Mall, Swan Street, Bridgetown shop two Saturdays ago.

“Many times as a nation we have blamed the woman – she did this, or she aggravated him – but the kind of person that Onica was, is a testimony that you don’t have to do anything in order for someone to be domestically abusive . . . . Under no circumstances did she deserve what she got,” said Dee, a friend of the deceased mother of two.

“She carried it within herself, and unfortunately a lot of men and women do because of the embarrassment, or the fear, or the inability to really know what to do or how to solve it,” she said.

Meanwhile, she urged Barbadians to attend a vigil being held for King Thursday at 4 p.m. at L.E. Smith Funeral Home on St Michael’s Row, The City.

King’s mother Vivian Jones is in Barbados and wants to take the body back to Berbice, Guyana. She also said she would take care of King’s son and daughter. 

Thursday would have been King’s 37th birthday. (RA)