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Operations at EBC stop for an hour

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

Operations at EBC stop for an hour

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Operations at the one of the key engines of the electoral process were halted for an hour today.

The fire alarm at the Electoral and Boundaries Commission (EBC) located in the ten-storey Tower Two Warrens complex went off forcing an evacuation of the building.

An official there said that while there was not much more activity than normal a day after the election date was announced.

“It took about an hour for the all-clear to be given, and everyone was assembled at the lot opposite KFC [Kentucky Fried Chicken], so that may be why people said there were long lines here today,” she explained.

Asked if there was an influx of people coming to the office to register ahead of the upcoming General Election, which was announced for May 24 by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart on Thursday, one of the registration officers, who also declined to give his name, said there was not.

“Over the last two weeks there were a lot more people coming in to register yes, but I would not say there have been any more people collecting their ID cards than usual. Come Monday I expect that there would be a lot more people, locals and non-nationals coming in to make sure their documents are in order for them to vote,” he said.

Former deputy chairman of the EBC Dame Billie Miller, speaking during a panel discussion at the Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados, Carlisle Bay, St Michael on Wednesday, said there would be some new initiatives by the EBC that would be implemented during the upcoming elections. (RA)