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Two back home after ordeal


Two back home after ordeal

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Two fishermen who left Barbados a month ago aboard fishing vessel Pearlita arrived at the Grantley Adams International Airport last night tired and in no mood to talk.

Captain of the vessel Kirton Watson, and Michael Hawkesworth said they just wanted to get home.

The two men arrived on a Caribbean Airlines flight from Trinidad after having left Venezuela yesterday. They ran aground in Venezuelan waters on April 18 and were rescued by the Venezuelan Coast Guard.

Hawkesworth’s sisters were there to meet him but Watson was awaiting a friend.

Sisters June and Marlene hugged Hawkesworth while shedding tears and commenting on how he had lost a little weight.

June told Weekend Nation she was just glad that Ecky was back home and that he could get a comfortable rest.


Cuts and bruises


In brief remarks, Hawkesworth said they just heard a great “woosh” about 4 o’clock one morning and next thing they knew, they were stuck. He showed cuts and bruises to his feet.

Watson again said he was tired after being at sea a whole month and just didn’t want to talk. When pressed about the lack of response to the SOS they sent out he said: “We tried some of all kinds of things, but nobody ain’t help we.”

A check showed that no one from the Fisherfolk Association nor the owner of the Pearlita was present at the airport. (KG)