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Old market free of garbage

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON, [email protected]

Old market free of garbage

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It’s clean. A day after the NATION highlighted the unsightly piles of garbage which had been left in the area of the old Fairchild Street Market in The City, it was cleared away Sunday.

A representative from Express Skip Services, who was on site as two workers shovelled the smelly garbage into bags, said the team would be moving about three skip loads of refuse.

He promised they would have had it cleared in about two hours. And it was.

Express Skip Services had earlier said the company had been contracted only to collect the garbage in the skip from April 1, as Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) general manager Roslyn Knight was quoted as saying the SSA was no longer responsible for garbage collection in the area.

A vendor there laid blame squarely on people from other areas who came and dumped their garbage in the skip, which was provided for the vendors, or on the ground when it was full. (HLE)