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Priest: Don’t sell your vote


Priest: Don’t sell your vote

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A senior Anglican priest is beseeching Barbadians not to give in to the temptation to sell their votes in the May 24 General Election.

The call has come from Archdeacon Eric Lynch, while delivering the sermon at the annual thanksgiving service ahead of May Day celebrations at the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) headquarters Sunday evening. 

Lynch, who is also BWU chaplain, spoke on the topic The Future We Want.

“It would not simply be displeasing to God, but it would be disrespectful of our God if, in the immediate future, anyone of you sold your vote. You were bought with a price, the price being Christ’s own blood. No vote selling by any of you.

“Rather, consider those who would present themselves and their manifestos carefully, using critical thinking with which the Lord has blessed you and consider whom you would vote for. The inducement must be to do God’s will as you understand that will. There must be no vote buying.”

He stressed that people were bought with Christ’s own blood and therefore we are not up for sale.

“Our brothers and sisters were for sale not far from here, beside St Mary’s Anglican Church, Jubilee Gardens, which was the centre of commercial activity for the entire Western Hemisphere. That shows how important Barbados was. Not again, my brothers and sisters. The future we want is a future where we can stand as God’s people, brothers and sisters of each other, and look each other in the eye and bless persons for doing God’s will,” Lynch said. (NC)