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Chicken Barn’s back Thursday


Chicken Barn’s back Thursday

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While one business was forced to close its doors because of the South Coast sewage crisis, another will be reopening on Thursday.

After battling with raw sewage on its Worthing, Christ Church property for over a year, co-director of Chicken Barn, Peter Hynam, confirmed yesterday that location would be reopening in two days’ time.

And he assured The Barn’s customers the sewage problems plaguing the area would not affect the business in the manner they did in the past.

“We are not going to have the sewage flowing onto our property anymore, I am 99 per cent sure of that,” he said.

“The Barbados Water Authority worked on the manholes they have on our property to stop the sewage from flowing. You may still get the smell as the crisis has not been resolved as yet but I can guarantee there will be no sewage flowing.”

Hynam said he could not predict the future and said he hoped “everything goes well for the restaurant to be reopened”.

He said the 12 employees were informed.

That branch was closed since December 9 and Hynam said he experienced significant losses, but could not provide a total at the time.

Meanwhile, the Daily Nation was informed that the Stream Bar & Restaurant in Worthing had closed after steadily losing customers.

Yesterday, management confirmed the restaurant shut its doors on Friday, but declined to go into details.

Sewage continues to pour from the pump opposite Sun Plaza. Recently, sand bags were placed to stop it from flowing into the road, and yesterday, there was evidence of seepage at Hastings opposite Lanterns Mall.

Business and homeowners along the South Coast have been battling the effect of the sewage spills for more than a year.

Some residents told The NATION they would be leaving their homes while businesses in Worthing and Hastings complained of thousands of dollars in losses. (SB)