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‘Girls man’ gunned down


‘Girls man’ gunned down

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He had a “soft spot” for the girls, and according to his family, this may have contributed to his death by the gun on Monday night.

Dwayne Lyndon Dublin, 36, was cut down by a hail of bullets around 7:50 p.m. in the car park of Channell Supermarket, at the corner of Black Rock Main Road and Deacons Road, St Michael.

His was the 11th murder so far this year.

When a NATION team visited Dublin’s home in Phillips Road, St Stephen’s Hill, Black Rock, Tuesday, two plain-clothed police officers were speaking to the immediate family, including mother Dulcina Long. She declined comment on his untimely passing.

Dublin’s cousin Sylvester Gale said he was in the shower when he heard the news.

“He wasn’t a bad person. He never got in trouble and was never a violent man. Only thing is he had like ‘nuff’ girls, so I feel it is because of a woman that he died. Before he died he brought a washing machine for me and the last words he told me was, ‘You owe me’, then he drove off laughing. This really hit me hard, but I leave it in the hands of the police,” said Gale.

He added that Dublin was a father of six who used to provide a taxi service, sell metal, and set up radio systems in vehicles. He worked intermittently as a public service vehicle conductor.

Ronald “G Man” Dublin said his nephew liked to have a good time and enjoyed the company of women.

“He was the type of person that would do anything for you. He used to talk ‘nuff’ nonsense and trouble the girls. When he was in the hospital early last month due to a heart problem, I remembered he said that if he died, women all over Barbados would miss him,” he added.

A man who identified himself as Hunter said: “We were like brothers and I can’t understand how a man that never involved himself in violence was gunned down like that.”

It is understood that Dublin was killed while waiting for his girlfriend.

An eyewitness said Dublin, who usually collected her nightly, parked his van next to the Channell building and joined two others sitting on the guard wall. A gunman approached and fired a barrage of shots.

Witnesses said at least five of the bullets struck him.

Police have asked anyone who can provide any information on the shooting to contact Black Rock Police Station at 417-7500/417-7506 or Criminal Investigations Department at 430-7189, police emergency 211, Crime Stoppers at 1800-TIPS (8477), or the nearest police station. (SB)